"SPIRIT OF NATURE" 27.8 - 6.9. 2019 Helsinki, Musiikkitalo

Chinese-Finnish Joint Exhibition in Music Center, Helsink i Finland

Video wall information of Helsinki Music Center

Aritsts: Aulikki Nukala, Sirkku Ala-Harja, Marjukka Paunila, Hong Chao, Marja Koskiniemi ja Valentina Näsi

Aulikki Nukala and the paintings of the autumn.

The opening of the exhibition

Marjukka Paunila and Valentina Näsi

LAKE BLUE HEAVEN, Qingdao, China May 16 – May 24, 2019

The catalog of the exhibition.


2019 International Watercolor festival, Qingdao  CHINA

The Lake Blue Heaven



Dear Ms Aulikki Nukala :

We cordially invite you to “The Lake-Blue Heaven: Qingdao International

watercolor. Festival” and will absorb all your expenditures during your stay in


The works of invited artists should indicate the information on the painting on its back.

All the paintings will be mounted by the organiser!

Copying and borrowing works from others are strictly forbidden and will lead

to the nullification of the artist's participation qualification. The organiser

reserves the right for interpretation.


May 16 : Arrival and registration

May 17: Opening ceremony

May 18-24: Academic forums

Chairman: ZHAO Guotao, Curator: SHAN Hong

Date: 25 February 2019



17th Beijing Art Expo 2014 in Beijing Exhibition Center

  • Beijing International Art Expo 2014

    17th Beijing Art Expo in 2014
    Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center ( No.135, XiZhMenWai street, Beijing, China.) Beijing Art Exposition has been hold on exhibition in 16 years from 1997

  • Art Expo has attracted more than 1500 Galleries and Art institutions from 130 countries and regions all over the world to participate.
    Expo has collected and gathered large number of artworks from art masters, such as Picasso, Dali, Renoir, Zhu Dequn, Zhao Wuji, Xu Beihong, Zhang Daqian, Wu Guanzhong, Jin Shangyi.

  • Exhibition scale 2014: Over 100 Galleries and Art institutions from 20 different countries and regions.
    This Expo will creates a highly effective communication platform to appreciate art for the following Chinese and foreign art institutions and lovers of art.