"Watercolors" Solo exhibition in Tornio town hall, Tornio Finland 6.11-15.11.2019

"Sipit of Nature", Chinese-Finnish Joint Art Exhibition, Music Center Helsinki Finland
Kiinalais-Suomalainen taidenäyttely, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki 27.8-6.9.2019

ECWS 22. Watercolor Exhibition in Haapsalu, Estonia 2019
ECWS (European Confereration of Watercolor Societes)

"Natur, Power, Beauty" The 1.IWS ( International Watercolour Society ) Finland Exhibition and Festiva HELSINKI Kaapeli and Oodi
Aulikki Nukala, country head and a designer of the exhibition ( Nearly 300 paintings from 42 countries).

"Blue Lake Heaven" Quingdao, China
Aulikki Nukala as invited artist 2019

"Watercolor and Spirit" Varna City Art Gallery, Bulgaria 2019
The II international Watercolor Triennial of IWS Bulgaria. Exhibition is travelling in several Art Museums.

"Up in the Air" Mexico-Ecuador 2019
Watercolor exhibition from Mexico City to Quito, Ecuador.
Aulikki Nukala as invited artist.

The 3:rd Watercolor Biennale of IWS Vietnam 2019
Art Association and Fine Arts Museum of Ho Zi Minch City, Vietnam

"Peruvian Youg" International Watercolor Festival, Lima Peru 2019 The Gallery of ICPNA San Miguel en Lima, Peru


"Sensazioni" MACA-Contemporary Art Museum Acri, Italy

The 2:nd International Watercolor Festival 2018 Kathmandu, Nepal

The 1:st International Watercolor Biennale of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Czech Republic, Prague 2018.
The 1st IWS Watercolour Festival of the Czech Republic
Aulikki Nukala: Excellence Award-Prize

Poland, Krakow 2018
Watercolour paintings, ECWS:n Krakow-exhibition

Canada, “A Symphony in Watercolour”2018 IWS Canada. Aulikki Nukala: Special mention.

"Springs and Summers" Kaari-Gallery Kauhava FINLAND 2018

Exhibition of watercolors

The city manager Markku Lumio opens the exhibition. Päivi Karjalainen (gallery organizer), Aulikki Nukala



Markku Lumion avajaispuhe 16.5.2018

  • Ape and Mariutti at "The artist meeting" in Kaari-Gallery

  • Seela Sairberg (4 years) at the opening ceremony

  • Lumia Sairberg at the opening ceremony

  • "September"

    Detail of watercolour painting 2017

  • Children are watching the paintings.

  • Painters are working inspired by the exhibition