Coming exhibitions

IWS ( International Watercolour Society ) of FINLAND is organizing in HELSINKI Kaapeli

the 1. international Watercolour exhibition in Finland 9.7 - 14.7. 2019

Aulikki Nukala, the leader of IWS FINLAND

Past Exhibitions 2018

Czech Republic Praque 3.8-9.8-2018

The 1st IWS Watercolour Festival of the Czech Republic

Poland, Krakow 6.9.-1.10.2018.

Watercolour painting "Before falling" in ECWS:n Krakow-exhibition

Canada, “A Symphony in Watercolour” 28.9-27.10 .2018

We are pleased to inform you that your painting below has been selected for the online component of IWS Canada & CSPWC/SCPA’s “A Symphony in Watercolour”.Jurors Anne McCartney CSPWC, AWS, TWSA; Peter Marsh CSPWC, OSA, SCA, TWS; and Rainbow Tse examined 320 paintings from a talented group of worldwide entrants.

FINLAND Kaari-Gallery Kauhava 2018 "Springs and Summers"

Markku Lumio, Päivi Karjalainen (gallery organizer), Aulikki Nukala

The city manager Markku Lumio opens the exhibition.

Kaupunginjohtaja Markku Lumio avaa taidenäyttelyn. 

Markku Lumio at the opening ceremony. Markku Lumion avajaispuhe Kaari-galleria 16.5.2018

Aulikki Nukala CV

  • Ape and Mariutti at the artist meeting in Kaari-Gallery

    Ape ja Mariutti taiteilijatapaaminen

  • Seela Sairberg (4 years) at the opening ceremony

    Seela Sairberg (4 vuotta) avajaiset

  • Lumia Sairberg at the opening ceremony

    Lumia Sairberg avajaiset

  • "September"

    Detail of watercolour painting 2017

  • Children are watching the paintings.

    Päiväkotilapset tutustuvat näyttelyyn

  • Painters are working inspired by the exhibition

    Pienten akvarellistien työskentely näyttelyn innoittamana